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They call it "garage folk," perhaps because the music is crafted without any more polish than it needs to showcase the allure of its soulfully delivered down-to-earth lyrics. The focus of Skribe's sound is rhythmic acoustic strumming and plucking with emphatic vocals that epitomize the musical landscape of the area's small-town city feel. Oh yeah, and the kazoo. Who knew you could elevate a quasi-irritating kid's birthday party favor to a desirable sounding musical instrument?!

-Lindsay Bolin Lowery - Visit Annapolis / LBo Craft

Skribe travels from town to town in a blue hearse spreading his own blend of garage folk: An unpretentious soulful sub-genre that draws from roots Americana & the 60's garage rock spirit. You may have seen skribe at Rhythm n Blooms Fest 2015 (Knoxville, TN) or the mainstage at FloydFest 2015. *skribe proudly plays Merican Canjos & Kazoobie Kazoos!

Skribe broke into the Maryland folk scene with a rusty crowbar & released a soundtrack of 14 growly mantras – Doin’ The Dirt. A raw do-it-yourself guide to garage folk.Skribe’s non-stop live presence has ignited musical collaborations with the areas most skilled musicians & generated a cultured following. This amazing scene helped crowdfund & launch skribe’s recent 12″ LP. The fine tuned production of ‘Less Is More’ showcases the artists’ growth & raw soulful dynamic. Whatever the fidelity, skribe’s blooming creative career should not be considered a rolling stone…it’s a boulder. ~Brite Winter 2014

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You can hear more soul in one line from Skribe than many mainstream artists can muster in an entire career. More than any artist on the album, Skribe knows exactly how his voice and guitar are meant to fit together.

- Matthew Edward on Skribe (FREEstate Workshop Acoustic Mixtape)
The Hard Times Magazine

I just saw SKRIBE at the Five Spot in Atlanta, GA and found his music rolling around inside my head all the next day. It was that good. If I had to deskribe his unique style of urban, bluesy, stompin', punch-you-in-the-face folk sound—imagine John Prine in a can of spray paint, then splayed in big bold crooked characters across the side of a moving freight train. His music roars with his own kind of explosive energy. For me Tom Waits came to mind. But forget Waits or Prine. Aaron Yealdhall (the man behind Skribe) sounds like Aaron Yealdhall. I really hate to compare him to anyone else. The only way to catch the spirit is to go hear him yourself. If you get the chance, take it.
Corbin - Golf Pro

skribe is a down to earth, no frills garage folk outfit out of maryland making solid good time tunes, for whatever good times means to you....a somewhat lofi approach with catchy melodies and what i imagine to be a rowdy live show.

The modern Folk Music Of America

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Since Doin' The Dirt's release, fans have been folking up their garages to the music of Skribe. "A lot of the songs on this album started out with a vocal melody lathered on a beatup thrift store acoustic guitar riff, add drums, electric crossbow, a room of people & some whiskey...& the volume usually makes it's way up to 11." The DIY approach allowed the band to experiment with recording bowed guitar, microwave, party gourds & even angry neighbors. "We wanted to make a record that you'd initially want to blow out your speakers to & then hear a whole new realm on headphones later on ...when you brush the dirt around you uncover the fossils of an acoustic folk song." Thanks for listening!

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